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Employee experience is first and foremost about what is best for everyone.

It's about finding common ground for both managers and employees of a company. Managers want you to be more productive and to continue working for them. You want to have a meaningful and enjoyable job.

By giving you a better experience at work, you'll get a better satisfaction for those 40+ hours per week you spend there. At the same time, your manager will be delighted to see your smile in the office.


of employees do not feel valued in their position


of employees do not see growth opportunities


of employees are not engaged in their current job

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How do we do it?

Employee experience can sound like a buzzword that leads to nothing concrete.

We work by listening to you first and foremost. No one will be able to tell us what is going wrong better than you.

With our experience in employee experience, we look for the underlying issues and seek to provide a long-term and effective solutions.

We want you to stay anonymous

It can be hard for you to express your concerns to your management. You might fear being singled out, being reprimanded or worse, getting fired.

Either when you are leaving us a message or when we contact you, we will guarantee your anonymity. We believe that letting you speak freely is in the best interest of everyone.

Finding issues in the systems around you

A sudden lack of performance can come from many sources, but managers will often see it as the employee's fault.

We look at everything around you and try to see what has changed: new policies and tools that are hard to use, lack of proper training, new responsibilities, personal issues, etc. That way, we can figure out the actual reason for poor performance.

Satisfaction is more than foosball

There are lots of buzz around innovative ways to make employees happier, such as foosball tables, free beers, couches and so on.

However, if you don't have the time to enjoy these things, they become little more than wasted time and money. We are here to find practical solutions that work, rather than fancy toys to amaze new hires.

We see employees as customers

We believe that companies should treat their staff like they would treat customers. A company buys your time in exchange for money, meaning and satisfaction.

Like customers, you always have the freedom to go elsewhere and your managers should always ensure you are not thinking about leaving.

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