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The Employee Satisfaction Assessment

Many managers struggle to get honest feedback from their team.

The first step to deliver a great employee experience is to know what they are thinking of you. By looking carefully at your work environment and with our experience, we craft a questionnaire that reflects the uniqueness of your company. We then survey your employees and see if it matches your vision.


of employees do not feel valued in their position


of employees do not see growth opportunities


of employees are not engaged in their current job

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How do we do it?

As an independent third-party, we let your employees speak freely about the issues they are experiencing

It might be hard for your staff to tell you what they feel: they might fear repercussions from speaking openly, or they might not want to say something bad to you directly. We believe it is in your best interest to ensure that what they say remains anonymous and to present you with a broader picture of what they feel is going wrong in your company.

By seeing employees as customers, we help you create a long-term strategy for employee engagement

Your team will always have the choice to leave your company if they become dissatisfied with their job. With our methodologies, you can create a future environment where new problems are less likely to occur and where your employees will be able to provide you great feedback to make your workplace a friendly place.

With our systemic approach to problem-solving, we look at the actual causes of your problems

Blaming or firing people for poor performance is a quick and easy way to solve an issue. However, by doing so, you might risk losing great people who did not have the chance to express their full potential. By analysing the environment around them, we can find what is preventing them from giving you 100%.

We are dedicated in delivering actual results for your company

Falling for the latest fad in management is easy. Many saw open spaces as the new solutions to bring employees together, even though this is not a perfect solution in all cases. We also see these dreamy startup offices with bars, foosball tables, video game consoles. However, there is no one-size-fits-all, and we always look for what fits best the specific needs of your company.

Delivering results

Bringing long-term and effective solutions for your business

Knowing what is going on in your team is only the first step towards creating a successful employee experience.

Sharing your company's vision and values

A great employee experience starts by understanding what they are accomplishing.

It is hard to feel like something else than a small cog in a complex machine if you do not see the complete picture. By interviewing key people in your company, we unveil what makes you unique and stand out from all your competitors.

Fostering communication among employees

Over half of employees have problems with their peers.

Your employees' experiences are mainly affected by those who share their daily lives in the office. Company politics and communication issues can damage your team's performance and might make you lose talented people.

By working closely with your collaborators, we can help them resolve their problems and find new ways to work together without frustration.

Giving the right tools to work more efficiently

24% of employees cite not having the right tools as the main reason for lack of productivity.

Between cumbersome processes that can make them lose precious time, software that does not have all the required functionality or simply too many tools to keep track of, it can be easy to make the life of your employees more complicated than necessary.

We are experts at finding the right tools for your team by working in collaboration with your collaborators. Our goal is simple: giving them more time every day to do their tasks without having to waste energy to do what they do not like.

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